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if lost do not look
only feel
here in your body
lays the map of all your desire
to be alone is pain
to be loved is pain

the heart will not hide
-jolyn fry

The Heart Will not Hide is the second installation in a body of work called Bloodline: a Women’s Story. The heart paintings are about my own experience of heartbreak, longing, and vulnerability. They are an embracing of myself as I reach out to hold those parts I thought so broken I had to bury them away from being seen. They are an effort to move again after having been frozen for so long. Essentially all of these paintings are addressed to my own soul. A song of my own longing for a resurrection of myself in love and joy and tenderness.

Bloodline: a Women’s Story is a body of work in progress. A study of self and humanity inspired by my own life and story. The allowance of each image stems from an abandonment of my mind self. This occurs as I lend my body and consciousness to something much bigger, stronger and purer than I can comprehend. It is with these feelings of inspiration in hand that I give myself humbly to my own guidance and a will less understanding. The results of this study have become a storyline of paintings reflecting my experience of being a woman in present day time, a child in the past, and a human being with an ancestral linage that is both extensive and world based.

Jolyn Fry 2008
 Jolyn Fry
Jolyn Fry was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania May 22 of 1972. Her parents were tobacco farmers, and she and her younger siblings spent much of their childhood exploring and working on their 89 acre farm. Jolyn showed a passion for art from an early age on and her family encouraged her to pursue her creative interests. She graduated with honors from Pennsylvania School of Art and Design in 1996. Since moving to Portland , Oregon , the following year, she has exhibited her continually evolving body of work in many group and solo shows. Whether depicting literal, physical landscapes or those of a more personal, emotional nature, Jolyn says, ‘Surrendering to my artistic process grants me the kindest and truest perspective of myself and the life that moves around me’. She currently paints and works as a teacher at Radius Community Art Studio in Southeast Portland.


Jolyn Fry

1990-96 Pennsylvania School of Art & Design, CFA

2009 The Heart Will Not Hide, Launch Pad Gallery, Portland, OR
2009 Fractured Light, Doll Gardner Gallery, Portland, OR
2006 My Inner Garden, Seven Corners Studio Gallery, Portland, OR
2004 Being Human, Seven Corners Studio Gallery, Portland, OR
2002 Reaching, Gallery Schmallery, Portland, OR
2001 Saturation, Gallery Schmallery, Portland, OR
1999 Movement Within Stillness, Borders, Portland, OR
1998 Atmospheric Movements, Laurelhurst Community Festival, Portland, OR
1997 Living Substance, Concentrix Gallery, Lancaster, PA
1997 Emerging Artist Exhibit, Lancaster Art Museum, Lancaster, PA
1995 The Fall Exhibit, Space 37 Studios, Lancaster, PA
1995 Landscape Studies, Thyme and Seasons, Lancaster, PA

2014 Print Invitational, PCA&D Gallery, Lancaster, PA
2012 Love Show, Launch Pad gallery, Portland, OR
2011 Prismactivism, Launch Pad Gallery, Portland, OR
2010 Newer Shades of Green, Hoffman Gallery, Portland, OR
2010 Influence, Errata Gallery, Portland, OR
2009 Family Show, Launch Pad Gallery, Portland, OR
2009 Valentine Benefit Show, Beppu Wiardi Gallery, Portland, OR
2008 Group Show, Gallery Lune, Manzanita, OR
2008 Group Show, Gallery Lune, Manzanita, OR
2007 VBC 2007 Annual Exhibit, Disjecta, Portland, OR
2006 Waste Not Art Exhibition, Tazo Tea Building, Portland, OR
2005-06 SE Art Walk, Seven Corners Studio, Portland, OR
1998 Prints for Prince, Pennsylvania School of Art and Design, Lancaster, PA
1996 Annual Senior Exhibit, Pennsylvania School of Art and Design, PA
1995 Art Walk: Art For Thought, Scott Miller Studios, Lancaster, PA

2009 Artist Grant, William T. Colville Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA
2006 First Place in the Waste Not Recycled art competition, Disjecta and Scrap, Portland, OR

1998-12 private art instructor, Portland, OR
2007-12 painting instructor at Radius Community Art Studios, Portland, OR
2007-08 art teacher at the Community Home School, Portland, OR
2005 painting instructor at the Garden Laboratory School, Portland, OR
1995 assistant teacher for Summer Arts Program for gifted and ADD children, PSA& D, Lancaster, PA

selected artist statements

Jolyn Fry June 2008
I have no beginning or start when I paint. Only a surrender to the process. Each stroke is an opportunity for me to let go. My small ideas of the world dissipate and I open up to a more compassionate wisdom. Painting has always been this for me. Like a metaphor in a poem the landscape acts as a catalyst allowing me to soften. Painting gives me perspective and an understanding of a world that at times can seem unbearable. I paint because it affords me a thankfulness for life and because the process brings me great pleasure.

December 1st, 2006
I have no words today. I have nothing to say about my grief, my pain, my longing. I only have my eyes. My eyes looking at you and you looking at me, and that is enough. Jolyn Fry

August 23, 2006
Creating art brings my life into context. It allows me to see myself, and requires that I look inside with introspection while at the same time observing the subject outside of myself. On some days when the subject becomes me then i become the recorder, the performer and the witness. Surrendering to my artistic process grants me the kindest and truest perspective of myself and the life that moves around me.

December 2004
On the day I was raped I was not alone. I became one with my sisters, my ancestors. i became nothing and whole at the same time. I became hate. In losing myself I became something I never was before. In losing myself in surrendering I became hate, I became animal, I became sex and rage in my very vulnerability I became humane. I was a child human. Human. Small and insignificant. And it wasn't until today that I knew as I paint these paintings these pieces of myself, of women, these stories they become me and they become above and below and around me. it was yesterday that I was so sm...small so insignificant. as I am today, but I am all of these things at once small and big. Pain and joy. And I live. I will live. Everything up until this moment has been past. An unfathomable past and I live as life is meant to be for today for a moment with utter knowingness, and a trust that I have never understood before and today becomes a day just like any other day in any other life time and that is what makes me rise and fall. That is why I breathe and laugh and cry because of the insignificance of it all.

exact date unknown
Creating art is a way of delving into the unconscious and exposing it for others to see. when a person looks at art and responds to it there is a connection. painting is a form of communication.

May 1999
This painting is a slice of my own inner perspective. Reality and form appears differently to each of us. in my mind, objects do not remain rigid. plants reach out and intertwine, and their containers and pots form relationships within what is typically assumed to be negative space.

January 1997
I study organic matter. My paintings and prints are not solely representational. Their function is not only to describe the subject I am viewing, but also the subject's relationship with its surrounding atmosphere. I believe there is a unique exchange of energy between living substances. My work is about these interactions.

April 1996
"The search is what anyone would take if he were not sunk into the everydayness of his own life. To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair." Walker Percy

I study the landscape because i dislike to look at anything else...at least for extended periods of time. Jolyn Fry

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